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    Corner betting is a type of side bet in football betting. However, this type of bet continues to attract attention and interest from many players. So, what exactly is a corner bet? How can you effectively place corner bets?

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    First, let’s understand the concept of a corner bet to help you visualize it more easily.

    What is a Corner Bet? How to Place Effective Corner Bets

    In this section, we will explain what a corner bet is and how to place effective corner bets. You’ll gain a clear understanding of these questions:

    What is a Corner Bet?

    “Corners” is the English term for corner bets at bookmakers. This type of bet involves predicting the number of corner kicks in a match. Bookmakers use this data to determine the outcome of the bet.

    When participating in a corner bet, you don’t need to worry about the overall match result. What matters is the number of corner kicks in the game.

    Compared to other types of football bets, corner bets are relatively straightforward. That’s why many players choose to participate in this form of betting. However, successful corner betting requires prediction skills and experience, particularly understanding each team’s playing style. You’ll need to analyze the playing tactics of both teams to determine whether the match will have many corner kicks.

    Common Types of Corner Bets

    Over/Under Corner Bets

    If you already understand what a corner bet is, especially in terms of over/under goals betting in football, you’ll comprehend over/under corner bets. Specifically:

    Bookmakers will provide a number representing the total corner kicks in a match. Players only need to bet on whether the total corners will be over or under that number. “Over” predicts a higher total than the bookmaker’s number, while “under” predicts a lower total.

    Over/under corner bets typically apply to the second half or the entire match. Pay attention to the timing when the over/under corner bet becomes available to ensure accurate placement.

    Handicap Corner Bets

    Handicap corner bets are only applicable in Asian handicap bets. In this case, the two teams are divided into upper and lower handicap positions. Players need to choose which team has the handicap advantage or disadvantage. The outcome is determined based on the number of corner kicks, but these kicks must be counted separately for each team in the match.

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    Even/Odd Corner Bets

    Even/odd corner bets are simpler to understand than over/under corner bets. Players predict how many corner kicks both teams will have in total. Then, they decide whether the total corners will be an even or odd number. The result is revealed at the end of the match.

    How to Win with Corner Bets

    After understanding what a corner bet is, you’ll realize a fundamental truth: When participating in corner bets, many players try to find ways to increase their chances of winning. Therefore, the following tips will help you achieve a 70% winning rate with corner bets. The remaining 30% will depend on individual luck.

    Use Observational Tactics

    By observing matches, you can identify teams that frequently play along the flanks. These teams are likely to have more corner kicks. If a match has a corner kick before the 6th minute, it’s likely to have many corner kicks throughout. Conversely, if a match reaches the 10th minute without a corner kick, there’s a lower chance of many corner kicks.

    Consider Team Strength

    Matches where a strong team faces a weaker one tend to have more corner kicks. Conversely, balanced matches in terms of physical fitness will likely have fewer corner kicks. Keep this in mind.

    Focus on the Last 10 Minutes

    Concentrate on the final 10 minutes of a match. Players on the field are often eager to score during this period. Therefore, they are more likely to create corner kick opportunities. This is the time when numerous corner kicks are likely to occur.

    Avoid placing corner bets before a match begins. Alongside other match-related factors, observe how the players are performing on the field. This will help you make the best evaluation of the match. As a result, we recommend placing corner bets while a match is ongoing.

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    Through this article, you’ve gained a better understanding of corner bets. Good luck with your betting endeavors!

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