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    What is the underdog? Is this type of bet different from other types of bets? The reason it is a form of betting is that many people choose it. They do not want to choose the favorite; instead, they place their bets on the underdog. Therefore, you need to thoroughly understand the gameplay and experience of this type to win. Let’s explore more with Wintips bookmaker online in the article below.

    What is the underdog?

    The underdog is a type of bet where the team is in a weaker or less favorable position. These are teams that may not perform well, have fewer achievements, and do not have many skilled players. Most of these teams usually do not have many outstanding accomplishments compared to other teams. However, many people think that the likelihood of losing a bet is extremely high when you choose to bet on the underdog.

    But that’s not necessarily the case. In soccer betting, if a team is the underdog, they will be given a handicap depending on the odds set by the bookmaker. The bookmakers must base their decisions on the teams’ performance status and offer appropriate scores for the underdog bettors to choose from. Players have the right to choose a different bet if the score provided by the bookmaker does not suit them.

    Why should you bet on the underdog?

    You should choose to bet on the underdog because your chances of winning are quite high. Typically, the odds for the favorite when betting will give a handicap to the underdog ranging from 1 goal to ½ goal, and it could be ¼ goal, etc. The bookmaker will choose and make the most reasonable decision for you to select. However, you need to know how to analyze the odds and pay attention to the information required by the bookmaker.

    To increase their chances of winning, players have to calculate and statistically analyze past matches and use this basis to make accurate predictions. That’s why betting on the underdog is often easier to win than betting on the favorite.

    Some handicap odds for you when betting on the underdog

    Here are some common handicaps that bookmakers often apply to the underdog. You should refer to them to better understand this type of bet and make betting easier. Specifically, they are as follows:

    Half-ball handicap

    The half-ball handicap is a favorite among many football betting enthusiasts and is widely used. It’s straightforward: the favored team will give a half-goal handicap to the underdog. If the match ends in a draw, the favored team loses because they gave a half-goal handicap to the underdog.

    Quarter-ball handicap

    The quarter-ball handicap is similar to the half-ball handicap. If the match ends in a draw, the favored team will surely lose to the underdog. However, with this quarter-ball handicap, you will only win half of the potential payout. You won’t win the entire bet amount as you would with the half-ball handicap above.

    Three-quarters ball handicap

    The three-quarters ball handicap is also a popular betting format. The favored team gives a 0.75-goal handicap to the underdog. To win your bet, the team you choose must win by a margin of 2 goals or more. If the winning margin is only 1 goal, you will lose half of your bet amount.

    One-ball handicap

    If you are confident enough to give a one-ball handicap, your team must be very strong and win by a margin of 2 goals or more. If the match ends in a draw or with just a 1-goal win, the favored team will surely suffer a significant loss.

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    Experience in consistently winning underdog bets

    To win more in betting, you should equip yourself with some lifelong experiences to battle in this betting field. Specifically:

    Understanding and grasping information of the matches

    Before participating in betting, you should research and be certain about basic information regarding the match, teams, handicaps, and payout rates. These will form the basis for your focused attention and wise choices when you proceed to place bets.

    Do not trust the handicap odds blindly

    Bookmakers often set high handicaps for bettors to choose from. For many inexperienced bettors, choosing the underdog might seem appealing. However, you should not hastily place bets as it could be a trap. Be smart and make accurate judgments when analyzing the odds and choosing the most suitable bet.

    Maintain a stable mindset

    When betting, it’s crucial to keep a steady mindset. Regardless of what others say or their opinions on the odds, you should have your own convictions and follow your plan and judgment, rather than listening to anyone else. They might not be right, so trust your decisions. Don’t be swayed by others’ influences.

    Manage your capital

    You need to know how much capital you have and plan your betting strategy accordingly. The amount of money you bet is critical to your ‘brainchild’, so manage it wisely.


    The underdog is a type of bet that many people in the football betting community gravitate towards. However, before placing such a bet, you need to analyze and clearly define your strategy when choosing to bet. Because the handicaps given by different bookmakers or by Wintips may not always be accurate or beneficial for both sides. Be wary of their tricks to avoid missteps and minimize the risk of bad luck and losing as much as possible. Always be a smart and wise player. Read more: Explore additional options with trusted online bookmaker australia to further enhance your betting journey.

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