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  • What is draw no bet? Guide to placing a simple draw no bet bet.

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    Here, we will explain the meaning of draw no bet, also known colloquially as ‘kèo Hòa-Được-Thua’. Through this article, we’ll provide the simplest concept of the draw no bet odds as well as some tips when engaging in betting on matches with this type of odds.

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    Explanation of the draw no bet (kèo 0)

    What is draw no bet?

    ‘Kèo đồng banh’ is one of the most common handicap odds in Asian handicap betting. In the simplest terms, the draw no bet means a 0 handicap or a bet on the win-draw-lose outcome. That means neither team holds a handicap. Consider a match between Team A vs. Team B.

    If you bet on Team A and Team A wins by any score, you win the bet. If Team A loses by any score, you lose the bet. If the match ends in a draw, it’s a draw bet. The result of winning or losing the bet is entirely based on the match score.

    Usually, the draw no bet odds are offered by bookmakers for matches where the chances of winning are almost 50/50 for each team. This is based on factors like each team’s form, home advantage, head-to-head records, etc. After providing the basic understanding of the draw no bet, let’s look at specific examples for clearer comprehension.

    Example 1 of draw no bet:

    In the first example, it’s a match between the home team, Udinese, against the away team, Fiorentina. In this match, the bookmaker has set the draw no bet odds, offering 0.77 for the away team and 0.84 for the home team. Let’s say a player places a $200 bet on the home team, Udinese.

    In case Udinese loses the match by any score, the player loses the bet and loses $200 x 0.84 = $168. But if Udinese wins by any score, the player wins the bet and receives a total of $200 + $200 = $400 (including the original stake).

    Example 2 of draw no bet:

    In the second example, it’s a Bundesliga match between the home team, Union Berlin, and the away team, Wolfsburg. In this match, the bookmaker has set draw no bet odds, almost equal for both teams. This is a classic scenario where both teams are assessed as evenly matched, with nearly equal chances of winning.

    Suppose someone bets $2000 on the away team, Wolfsburg. If Wolfsburg wins the match by any score, the player wins the bet and receives a total of $200 + $200 x 0.97 = $394 (including the original stake).

    Example 3 of draw no bet:

    This match is between the home team, Everton, and the away team, Manchester United. In this match, with the home advantage, Everton is considered equal to Manchester United.

    The bookmaker offers draw no bet odds, giving 0.85 for the home team and 0.92 for the away team. Let’s assume a player bets $200 on Everton. If the match ends in a draw with any score (0-0, 1-1, etc.), the bet will be considered a draw, and the entire stake will be refunded for those who bet on Everton as well as those who bet on Manchester United.

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    Experience in Betting on Handicap Matches (0 Handicap)

    Regarding handicap matches, these are considered quite difficult to predict as the strength between the two teams is not significantly different. In matches like these, the home team holds a significant advantage – the home ground is a factor that directly influences the final result.

    Furthermore, there’s an experience seasoned players use, which is not to place bets too early. Instead, wait for information such as the starting lineup and observe the game’s development within the first 10 to 15 minutes to see which team initiates better and creates more clear scoring opportunities.

    Choosing the right betting side aligns with the approach to betting on 0 handicap matches at various betting sites. It’s preferable to favor the home team if the odds are lower because the home ground is an important factor.

    Form and head-to-head encounters are two crucial factors that cannot be overlooked. A team in good form and with impressive previous results often has a higher chance of winning.

    The current playing style also influences the outcome: Pay attention to which team has a better offense or defense, along with how the coach arranges the lineup, to make accurate match result predictions.

    With such observations, players will have a more accurate insight to choose their betting options for investment rather than making hasty and risky decisions.

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    In this article, Wintips has explained the concept of 0 handicap (level ball) and provided some tips to help individuals make informed decisions when betting on matches with these odds.

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